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A vast number of search engine queries are made by people looking for a product or service in their own city. For example; House Painter Victoria or Vancouver Criminal Lawyer. Local SEO targets these geo specific search queries through on-page and off-page strategies. These improve a websites visibility for important industry keywords in tandem with it’s location. This is perfect for brick an mortar shops and services that are looking to grab search traffic. These types of local level search queries trigger the local business and maps listings on the search engine results pages (SERPs). These coveted positions often dominate page one results. Ultimately, you want to be as close to the top of that list as possible. Having an active Google+ business page as well as “+1″ votes and positive reviews will make your listing stand out.

Our initial research and consultation with you will reveal the level of web competition that you face in your city or town. A lot of this will depend on whether your site is new or has already established a degree of authority in your local niche. Some industries are more competitive than others simply because there is more search traffic available. Some industries were quicker to include internet marketing and SEO in their customer acquisition strategies and have already established authority.

Local SEO Campaigns for Low to Mid level Competition

Your local competitors may be enjoying first page rankings with a poorly optimized website and zero SEO strategies. There are many factors that effect why a site will rank, but sometimes it’s simply because no one else is trying harder. Provided there is search traffic in the niche, this presents a golden opportunity.
If your industry’s local competition level is found to be low to mid ranged, your SEO campaign would likely involve:

  • On-page optimization for local keywords
  • Creating content pages/videos that are city/town specific
  • Getting you into Local business listings
  • Publishing local citations, testimonials and reviews
  • Getting local on Social Media platforms
  • Web infusion* links

Local SEO for High Level Competition

If your competition level is high, then a more aggressive campaign will be necessary to lift you up in the rankings. High level competition requires all the local SEO strategies listed above with a focus on ranking for keywords that are both attainable and conversion oriented. We generally recommend a optimizing your main website and creating a network of supporting web assets that target specific inquiries relating to your industry and service. These assets may include short explainer videos, press releases, Web 2.0 properties, blog posting or directory listings.

National Level or Broad Search Term SEO

Targeting search traffic that is less geographically or niche specific involves careful analysis of the broad range of keywords that relate to your product or service. The art of keyword research is in finding a list of conversion oriented search phrases that relate well to your offer and that will drive enough traffic without being too competitive.

Every SEO has an arsenal of software they use to conduct this research. Reverse engineering the strategies of your biggest online competitors is an important part of the process. We dive into the onsite and offsite optimization tactics of every business on page one and gain intimate intel on what it will take to compete with and outrank them. This is not a game for sissies. Ranking well offers the potential of targeted buyers visiting your website every single day. Building and ranking web assets for serious lead generation requires commitment and time.

SEO Consulting

We offer professional SEO strategy consulting to help you build a solid foundation for your online business goals. This is available to owners and management teams of brand new web properties, or sites with history that are trying to get to the next level. We also offer disaster recovery strategies for websites that have suffered Panda or Peguin search engine penalties or massive ranking demotion due to a negative SEO attack.

In House SEO Training

An integral part of an effective SEO campaign is ongoing maintenance. We recommend that our clients designate a team member to oversee monthly SEO operations. To bring you up to speed, we offer hands on training, plus all the keyword research and tracking tools you’ll need to get started. Used in conjunction with our a la carte SEO services, this presents an opportunity to bring serious SEO firepower in house.

Content Creation

Article Writing and Blogging Services

You may have heard of the SEO phrase that “content is king”. An SEO strategy requires the ongoing creation of new and unique content – in the form of blog posts, new images, new site pages, videos, press releases, social media shares, etc. Some businesses excel at creating new and engaging content while most find it difficult and tedious. Fortunately, we offer quality, affordable writing services for any level of publication. Set your blog writing on autopilot with our recurring order option.

Press Release Services

Some of the top press release distribution sites publish content inside the root folder structure of their high page rank websites. This gives paid press release content, whether it’s actually newsworthy or not, a considerable SEO boost making it common to find press release’s ranking on the SERP’s for any given search term. Press release content is also commonly picked up by news feeds around the web and has the ability to drive real traffic to your website. If writing and distributing a press release sounds daunting, we offer professional writing and distribution services for SEOSEO and for genuine newsworthy topics.

Web Infusion Linkbuilding

Here’s an SEO analogy – your website is the car, good onpage-SEO get’s your car into second gear, off site SEO get’s it into 3rd and quality, page rank backlinks get you cruising in 5th. In short, your car can sit collecting dirt and sap in the driveway, it can chug along at a granny pace on a quiet street, or it can motor along in the fast lane on the highway. It’s really up to you.

White Hat Linkbuilding
Google is increasingly sensitive to black or gray hat SEO techniques these days that playing with SEO linking packages can be detrimental to your site’s longevity. The fact remains, increasing quality backlinks is one of the only ways to build rank in the search engines. When it comes to your “money site” or “mother ship” as I like to call it, you can’t risk shutting the whole operation down to save a few dollars on backlinks, so it’s important to stay as pure as fresh snow with your SEO strategies.
What many people don’t realize is that when it comes to backlinks, it’s more about quality than quantity. Which means, you don’t necessarily need an absurd amount of links to compete with the big players in your industry. In fact, a page may rank because of a handful of “juice” links.
Our writing team is skilled at blogger outreach and can secure coveted guest posting positions on niche topical sites that actually rank. These types of links are extremely difficult to obtain and they present a real opportunity to skip the ranking queue.

Gray Hat Linkbuilding
These types of links are powerful, they are plentiful and they are affordable. We only recommend using gray hat linking strategies on microsites (discussed below) or authority properties, eg. Blogspot, Facebook, a Youtube video or a press release. Pages or videos hosted on authority platforms respond very well to a steady influx of aggressive promotions. Which means they are relatively cheap to rank without carrying a risk of a penalty. Keep in mind, it’s totally possible for a short and sweet, niche specific YouTube video to attract more clicks than a corporate website on the same results page.
If this type of strategy suits your objectives, we can make it happen.

Microsites and Minisites

If you really want to reach the widest audience in your niche, then consider owning more than one property. This takes the pressure of all the “heavy lifting” off of your company site, and allows you to create rich, topic centered content that will appeal to a specific subsection of your target audience. It doesn’t always makes sense, from a design and navigation perspective, to build this type of niche specific content into a generalized company site. Having a number of microsites built around your most profitable products or services, that is tailored to answer the exact queries of the market it serves can be a great asset. A single microsite may only drive a small portion of targeted traffic to your offer, but the relatively low cost of deployment makes this simple strategy a no brainer, particularly for markets where the average client value is high.
Microsites need SEO power to rank, just like any web asset. But there is significantly less risk in promoting a site that can be easily replaced.

Building microsites of 5-10 pages of niche specific content is just one of our specialties. Every site we build is mobile friendly, lightweight, fast loading and has clear calls to action. We offer a selection of standalone SEO services designed for microsite promotion.

How do you value SEO?

customer LTV, PPC and interruption advertising vs Organic clicks. Customer acquisition, real estate location, signage etc.

Are SEO services right for your business?

Our free consultation is the first step in finding out whether our services are a good fit with your online goals. We only work with companies that we know we can help.
Is there search traffic for your product or service? What’s the dollar value of a lead? Of a customer? What is the lifetime value of a customer? Are your customers online? Are you willing to make changes to your website? Are you willing to commit? We strive for a 3:1 ROI compared to other advertising and paid methods. We don’t require contracts, but we do recommend sticking with the game plan for a minimum of 6 months to see any results.

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