Search Engine Optimization for Competitive Verticals

search engine optimizationTargeting search traffic that is less geographically or niche specific involves careful analysis of the broad range of keywords that relate to your product or service. The art of keyword research is in finding a list of conversion oriented search phrases that relate well to your offer and that will drive enough traffic without being too competitive.

Follow the money

Every SEO has their own list of software they use to conduct this research. The >Adwords Keyword tool is free to use once you set up an account and will give you a great head start on discovering a list of keywords that relate to your niche products and services.

Some results will be more relevant than others will, and you may discover keywords that you hadn’t thought of. Keyword research tools are very helpful for the insight they provide into the words and phrases used by the general public. There are many levels to the “buying intent” of a visitor, so it’s important to target keywords that are closer to the conversion end of the scale than the beginning research phase.

Reverse engineering the competition

Reverse engineering the strategies of your biggest online competitors can provide valuable clues as to what the “money” keywords are. We do this by checking out the pay-per-click advertising keywords they are using to attract buyers to their offer and look at the percentage of their total traffic a particular keyword is bringing in.

We dive into the onsite and offsite optimization tactics of every business on page one and gain intimate intel on what it will take to compete with and outrank them. This is not a game for sissies. Ranking well offers the potential of targeted buyers visiting your website every single day. Building and ranking web assets for serious lead generation requires commitment and time.