Web Design Services: Microsites

small business website design in Victoria BC

If you really want to reach the widest audience in your niche, then consider owning more than one website. This takes the pressure of all the “heavy lifting” off of your main company site, and allows you to create rich, topic centered content that will appeal to a specific subsection of your target audience.

It doesn’t always makes sense, from a design, navigation and even usability perspective, to drill down into such niche specific content inside a generalized company site. Having a number of microsites built around your most profitable products or services, that is tailored to answer the exact queries of the market it serves can be a great asset.

A single microsite may only drive a small portion of targeted traffic to your offer, but the relatively low cost of deployment makes this simple strategy a no brainer, particularly for markets where the average client value is high. A website that only attracts a handful of targeted visits a day may sound like peanuts, but that traffic can easily be multiplied with every new microsite.

The logistics of owning multiple websites

To some, building and maintaining multiple websites may sound like a logistical nightmare. We get it, web stuff can be intimidating. In truth, you only need to do three things:
1. Sign up for an additional hosting account with the host of your choice
2. Build a design clone of your company site and populate it with five to ten incredibly helpful, niche specific articles. (Or you can order our microsite design package and we’ll do all of this for you.)
3. Promote it.

Microsites need SEO promotion to rank, just like any website but they generally face less competition than broad topic sites. There is also significantly less risk in promoting a satellite site that can be easily replaced.

Building microsites of 5-10 pages of niche specific content is just one of our specialties. Every site we build is mobile friendly, lightweight, fast loading and has clear calls to action. We offer a selection of standalone SEO services designed for microsite promotion.