Responsive Web Design Services

responsive web design victoriaWe believe that the primary role of a website is to convince. Being convincing requires good design, intuitive navigation, great copy and clear calls to action. Every page should have a clear purpose that fits somewhere in the sales path. Ideally, web pages should be tracked, tested and tweaked until they convert like rock stars.

To help you get started, NewRank offers responsive, lightweight and elegant web design built on the Genesis Framework and WordPress. If you need an Ecommerce site, we can do that too.

What is a responsive website?

It’s 2014 and almost everyone has a smartphone or a tablet, a laptop, desktop or a big screen monitor that they like to navigate the web on. Some people have all of the above. The fact is, the only way to ensure that a website will be readable and navigable across all of these platforms is by coding in “fluid” instead of “fixed” widths. This allows the elements in your layout to stack, center or expand as the width of the browser window changes. It also means that your most important content will be viewable on small screens.

Why do we choose WordPress for our websites?

WordPress is Extendable.
wordpress-logoWordPress is an open source content management system (CMS) that is well supported and easy to use. It’s basic functionality can be extended to do pretty much anything with the help of a huge selection of free and premium plugins. This makes WordPress is a great solution for most business websites.

With a little guidance, you will be able to publish new pages and perform basic site maintenance on your own – without having to rely on a web designer every time you want to make a simple change. And because the WordPress admin panel is browser-based, you can edit your site from any computer.

WordPress is scalable.
It’s important to build on a foundation that will scale with you as your business needs grow. A WordPress website functions just as well with thousands of pages as it does with ten. Admin users can be added and assigned roles and editing privileges. You can change design elements and add positions to your layout as your content builds. And with the help of plugins, you can extend the functionality of your website to do pretty much anything.
Functionality, scalability, extendability and simplicity – this is why we choose to build websites in WordPress.

What is the Genesis Framework?

The WordPress CMS is packaged with a few simple themes that offer very basic design layout options. The Genesis Framework adds a level of customization without having to “hack” the core WordPress files. Studiopress, the developers of the Genesis Framework, offer a selection of responsive themes that can be customized to suit any content layout. We like this framework because it is easy to update, it’s built for SEO, it’s well supported and it’s lightweight.